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Moffett Cemetery, Inc

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2024   5:30pm


Janet Hill, President, called the meeting to order; Janet, Pam, Christine, Mary board members present.

No announcements.

Secretary Report:  minutes read from previous month and was tabled for possible corrections.

Treasurer Report: Was read and motion (to accept) was made, carried, passed.

Burial Report – given – no burials for Dec 2023. Motion made (to accept) carried, passed

And zoom set up is no complete

Old Business:

Box to put on shed with pamphlets (Rules and Regulations) – need to put up box and sign beside it to inform people weather permitting.

Mapping Cemetery Update: got bright orange stakes to help the layout of the cemetery, west and east rows at present – so far: the different sections of the cemetery will have permanent markers for locations.

Update: approximately 2000 headstones so far identified in new ledger (after 1950) approx. 75-100 graves to determine the locations and identify – there are many that have no headstones – still looking at old ledgers: will ask Johnny Mack – he could possibly help

Question asked: will we get something to identify the graves with no headstones? Response: there are several ways we would have to look into this and discuss it – using old ledger and book available.

On Burial Book – Christine gave report – still researching and cross-referencing old ledgers and others from funeral homes – trying to find names and burial site identifications.

On Clearing the Perimeter: no response back from Utterly Stump Service.  Will ask Ohio Excavating Service for a bid on east side of cemetery to clear overgrowth and brush.

New Business:

A vacancy on the board is open – we accepted Paul Muck’s resignation of his seat due to work conflict.  Recommendations will be accepted thru January 31, 2024 deadline; contact thru email, P.O. Box, call a board member – all recommendations submitted will be reviewed and voted prior to February 14, 2024 meeting.

Starting to review graves that had been “reserved” but no payment has been made or just partial throughout the years and some multiple graves and identify – will need to investigate into it more.

Pam spoke: these graves that was called “reserved” – there should be a time limitation on complying to pay them in full – no payment plans.

Jan 25, from 10am – 1pm there will be a webinar from the Kentucky Cemetery Association.

A letter was sent to the cemetery about solar panels being put in the area

Judy Finke is the administrator of the cemetery Facebook page.  Someone was upset about getting to post or not.  Due to the rules and regulations established – they need to understand this is set up for information – and issues are addressed at monthly meetings.

Judy is administrator appointed by the board – she will inform the board about issues and the board will go by her decision in dealing with Facebook page.

Nomination was made for Diane Sharber and Terry Coffin for the seat on the board – (Terry would not be eligible) he is not a lot owner and will not qualify.

Mr. Stephenson asked about a decision on the old gate – and it was tabled till more information needed on it.

It was suggested to incorporate the gate back into the cemetery. We are open to suggestions but there is no money at present to deal with it (the old gate). Possibly contact Greg James who built it and see what he could suggest.

Motion made by Pam to adjourn the meeting, second by Christine – motion passed. Next meeting will be February 14, 2024, 5:30pm at Milton City Hall, Milton, Ky



Moffett Cemetery, Inc

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2023


Meeting called to order by Janet Hill, President – board members Janet, Christine, Pam, and Mary present.

Announcements: Zoom is set up and ready

Report of previous month’s minutes read Sept was tabled for corrections, Oct was carried and passed

Treasurer Report for Sept and Oct was given – motion was made to accept – carried and passed

Grave and Burial report given

Old Business: Rules and Regulations ready to print pamphlet – completed

Old Books update – were taken down to Madison Jefferson
County Museum for history preservation

Map update – where the water line is located to the meter – water company will not clarify location but we can locate and mark ourselves.

Section M update – spoke to Eric Leach – what could be recommended – he would possibly have 3 triaxles of dirt and topsoil added to smooth over area and would create new grave lots.  Mr. Stephenson had suggestions also – we need further details and need to have a meeting (with Eric) before next month.

We have spreadsheets set up for the mapping of the cemetery, will hopefully be done by next meeting.  Ther are graves there that are not marked.

Christine is going thru the burial records from all the books at funeral homes – there are names that have no markers or headstones. Hopefully we will be able to identify and match up with the old ledgers in order to map.  Goal is to have markers for any graves that we know who is buried in that grave.

Non-profit paperwork is mailed and waiting for response.

We need to keep track and record all volunteer hours of work being done.  If (form) needed for cemetery call us and will try to take care of it (getting a volunteer form to anyone volunteering hours)

Signs – no trepass signs are ready to post – Terry (Willis) said he would help us put up after deer season.

Judy Finkle – face book page administrator going thru guidelines and rules for information and updates – negative comments will not be addressed – must submit complaints, questions, and concerns to the board in writing or come to the meeting for either side to remove conflict.

New Business:

Address to clear brush, old trees, and overgrowth before it encroaches on the graves and areas for potential new graves.  Need agenda for meeting with Erice (Leach) needed.  Mr. Stephenson has experience with this type of work and could help with advice how to proceed – and possible grant could help (to pay the costs).

“Udderly Stump Removal Service” called and is willing to give an estimate – they do churches and cemeteries and gives discounts.

(not yet) but need to start a portfolio in investing for enough money to maintain perpetual care the cemetery.

The timer on the gate has been changed for winter hours and corrected for proper closing time (times are posted at the front gate)

Mower service is done for the season.

Need donations for perpetual care fund and could get a tax deduction under our non-profit status.

Open forum and summary:

Going over items we said we would do and updated progress

Mr. Taylor said he could paint and do repairs on the shed at the cemetery

Comment by Pam Welsh about the tree pushed over the hill

Motion to adjourn made – 2nd and carred – passed

Meeting adjourned 6:30 pm – Next meeting December 13, 2023 at 5:30pm, Milton City Hall


Treasurer Report (Oct 26 – Nov 22, 2023)

General Account Balance: $68,582.46; Savings (Perpetual) $3347.91; Tree Fund $315.00

Moffett Cemetery, Inc

Oct 11,2023 – Monthly Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by Janet Hill- members present – Janet, Christine, Pam, Mary.

(The City Hall Building was locked, and we were unable to reach anyone to come and unlock it so we had a short, stand-up meeting in the parking lot. Due to this the reading of the minutes and the treasurer report were left until the November meeting)

There was no reading of the minutes at this time per the request of the President.

For our new pamphlet, light blue paper – motion was made and passed to use light blue paper.

Pam checked on the info about preservation of our old books.  Historical Society in Madison, located at the Railway Train Station Museum, will take care of the books at no charge and will keep them at the History Center.  Motion was made to turn the books over to the Historical Society for preservation – carried and passed.  (The original books will be returned to the cemetery board if at any time they are not wanted)

Signs for no trespassing to set up boundaries on four corners of the cemetery – motion made, carried and passed – for liability.

Judy Finkle will oversee our facebook page

There was no Zoom meeting this month due to technical issues.

Motion was made to adjourn – 1st and 2nd - passed.


Next meeting: November 8, 2023, 5:30 pm at the Milton City Hall

Moffett Cemetery, Inc

Sept 14,2023 – Monthly Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by Janet Hill- members present – Janet, Christine, Pam, Mary.  Secretary read minutes of last month. Motion made to pass – carried and passed.

Treasurer report was read and report attached. Motion made to pass – carried and passed.

Old Business: got the tree cut down- tree service used was several hundred dollars less than others.  The cost was $1500.00.  Paul Muck will clear up the wood and dispose of it.  Need volunteers to help – will take a while to clean up.

We received comments regarding the by-laws.  Comments submitted were reviewed and it was determined that none were significant enough to have changes made.  Comment on who is eligible to vote suggested the by-laws include wording regarding “life partners”.  The board considered this as falling under the term “spouse” and would not question the vote of anyone that considered themselves as a “spouse” or “life partner”.  At the time there are other updates needed the board will keep in mind the update to this verbiage.

Comments for Rules and Regulations were submitted and considered: Took out the wording that a headstone had to put up within a year; added benches cannot encroach upon other people’s lots and the owners of the benches are responsible for the care of them.  Terry Willis spoke about the graves at the back of the cemetery with only markers. The Rules and Regulations will be printed as a pamphlet and sent to the local funeral homes and be available to everyone. The speed limit for the cemetery is 5 miles per hour.  Need to get a sign posted. Rules and regulations were voted on – motion passed to accept changes and complete the Rules and Regulations.  The pamphlet will be made and distributed as quickly as possible.

The new deed format is ready to use when graves are purchased, and any board member can sign the deed.

Video conferencing – there are free options available but they have a limited amount of time and our meetings require a longer time.  Zoom is $150.00 a year and meets our needs.  Motion made to use Zoom for a year – passed. We will have it ready for the next meeting.

Gardner insurance will get with us on possible carrier for us and research insurance options.

Non-profit status is completed and ready to file.  The cost is $600.00 to file.  Having non-profit status will open doors to getting grants to help with all the things the cemetery needs including tax deductible donations.  Motion was made to pay for the filing of the non-profit application – passed.

New Business: Meeting date changed to Wednesday 5:30pm at Milton City Hall.

Need to sow grass early in spring or late October for the best results. There is grass seed in the shed. Mr. Leach will fill in any graves that need additional soil if we let him know when we find them.  We have volunteers willing to help with doing this.

There is a monument cleaning class at Springdale cemetery in Madison this coming Saturday – anyone can attend.

Terry Willis suggested we check on getting a Boy Scout troop to help with some of the things we need to have done at the cemetery.


Suggestions about getting a trust with cemetery money created for future. We have spoken with an investment firm and need to determine what annual expenses will be before we start any kind of investment account. We are working on a budget to determine this.

Terry Willis suggested we look into a mausoleum for Moffett and a possible shelter where the shed is now that would have an office space. He also asked about trash from the cemetery being dumped on his property.  The board agreed that any trash on his property can be put in the cemetery trash.  If it is not removed by the trash pick-up we will make arrangements to dispose of what is there. Other discussion included the possibility of getting fencing for the front of the cemetery; options for current little building on-site; and how to map the cemetery and filling in areas in the cemetery that need dirt and can be used as graves in the future.

Motion was made to adjourn, carried and passed.

Moffett Cemetery, Inc. – Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting – August 10, 2023 – 5:30pm
Janet Hill called the meeting to order. Board members present Janet, Pam, Christine, Mary.
Announcements: we received our certificate of membership from the Kentucky Cemetery Association
July 2023 minutes read and approved.
July 2023 Treasurer report given – approved.
Old Business:
Janet inquired about having cemetery surveyed and estimates – only one company responded and will not give us any information until after the middle of September if we are still interested.
Started Tree Fund - Received donations for Gingko tree. Work on Gingko tree is done, and it appears to be in good health. Will use excess money in Tree account for other tree needs. There is a very large, decayed tree that the State Arborist recommended we get removed as soon as possible. Raise the Bar tree service estimated $3500 to cut and remove the tree, two other companies contacted did not have the equipment to do the job and waiting on estimate from Pike Tree Service.
New Price List reviewed – motion to approve 2nd, and passed. Will be effective as of Aug 15, 2023. Burial Service Fee is for the perpetual care fund.
Business letter including the by-laws, monument specifications and new price list will be mailed to funeral homes and monument companies.
By-laws were passed at Executive Board Meeting, have been recorded at the Bedford County Clerk’s Office. It was brought to the attention of the board that the by-laws had not been posted for review on the face book page – they are available and comments/questions will be accepted by mail – must be post-marked by Sept 5, 2023.
Copy of deeds – we have samples to use to prepare a new deed for Moffett. Will have a draft done for approval at next meeting.
Priority list reviewed – Gingko tree completed; by-laws passed; non-profit status close to completion.
Made copies of the survey map from 2012 to help with documentation of the cemetery. Will start documenting the sections in the next week.
New Business:
A board member, Ken Thomson, resigned and resignation accepted.
Paul Muck is a candidate to serve on the board. Motion made to accept Paul 2nd, passed. Paul accepted.
Discussed posting a public notice, per legal advice, requesting proof of ownership from 2012 to present (deeds, receipts, cemetery records, cancelled check, any type of proof) since there have been multiple instances of the same graves being sold to multiple people and burials occurring in the wrong grave. Need to decide what kind of timeframe to allow – was suggested anywhere between 60 days and 6 months. Will need to post this at the cemetery, newspapers, website, face book pages in several communities, any other form of communication available. Motion made 2nd, carried. Will need to look in to expense prior to posting.
Video conferencing discussed – all the free ones have a time limit and will not accommodate the length of an hour plus meeting. Will research other options. Also need someone to volunteer to oversee this during the meetings.
Edward Jones Investment Firm – Christine Green (Treasurer) and Jan Hill (President) met with a financial adviser and got information on doing safe investments to grow the money in the perpetual fund. The adviser stated it would take approximately a million dollars to make the cemetery self-sufficient for all future generations. We need to determine an approximate annual budget prior to starting investments – this will take a few months to determine average expenses/income. When investments started there are two different options for paying the firm – will review at time of initial investments.
Discussed insurance for cemetery – will meet with Gardner Insurance on Aug 15, to get more information.
There was a request to buy back two graves from a person who does not live in the area any longer and will not need these. Will research. Tabled to next meeting.
Open to comments/questions: Question about price of graves when bought back by cemetery – There is a law that states: A grave can only be sold for the same amount that it was purchased no matter who buys the grave. This is so an individual can’t buy all the graves then sell them for a large profit.
Motion to adjourn – passed. Next meeting September 14, 2023 5:30pm Milton City Hall

Moffett Cemetery Board of Directors
Monthly Board Minutes
July 10, 2023 – 5:30pm
Meeting called to orderly by Janet Hill, President all board members are present.
Minutes from last meeting read by Mary Childress, motion made, 2nd, carried and passed.
Treasurer report: Read by Ken Thomson submitted motion made, 2nd, carried and passed.
Under Old Business
Sent $100.00 fee to Kentucky Cemetery Association for membership.
Galt is an arborist expert out of Lagrange to check the status of the Ginkgo tree, other invasive species, and foliage.
Ken commented about taking care of the cemetery and is this the way/how to run the cemetery with limited people to help.
Janet, Pam, Christine commented on how we are temporarily dealing with this problem.
Janet replied how, the board works, and many did not always come it is left to the few and about the challenges we are facing, the Gingko tree is a priority but not immediate.
Pam suggests having the cemetery surveyed, estimates, and costs. Janet replied will research this possibility and knows a couple of surveyors.
Mr. Stephenson commented; the cost could be relatively expensive.
Janet – commented we need a starting point where they can begin, if we did it ourselves understand the time involved, help needed (need to research surveying).
Motion was made,1st,2nd, carried and passed.
Janet addressed: we need copies of deeds from our cemetery to document.
We have a phone for business (812-493-5293) and email: We can rotate the phone between board members if needed to handle communications/voicemail setup.
Spoke to Rodney Nay – he gave us examples (headstone requirements) we can use as a blueprint. We do not have a sexton for the cemetery, it is tabled as not a priority at this time until we have a secure financial cemetery.
June 28th – we met with Rodney Nay – were given advice/information legal guidelines-examples needed to operate a cemetery present and in the future. Need to meet with Steve Leach about services for the cemetery and he can guide us.
Major points of our priority list were part of our campaign during the election – reviewed.
Check to see about places to get the books preserved- make inquires - need a group effort. Ken knows of a possible bookstore. Pam and Christine will check into the preservation of the old ledgers.
We will update and address the by-law review – the things needed to be added or changed, etc.
Mr. Stephenson spoke of concern of the Gingko tree and its condition – we have an arborist coming to check it.
New Business
In meeting with Rodney Nay, Janet said, in her opinion, we do not know enough today to sell a grave until more information is obtained – concerned about selling graves that have already been sold – and legal issues.
Janet addressed the agenda – we will meet at Milton City Hall 2nd Thursday at 5:30pm to 6:45pm starting next meeting.
We met with Trevor Lytle – got documents – missing burial permit forms/provisional Report of Death forms – these are forms that are supposed to be kept forever.
Balance of checking account at Bank of Milton closed out by Mr. Lytle – this was the account the cemetery had for decades – so we did not get access to any records.
We have an account at German American Bank established in 2020, will research options to invest money – motion made 2nd, carried and passed.
We have Steve Leach with Ohio Excavating and a vault service to help us review contracts – rules – regulations. He has been very helpful to us and has been a big donor to the cemetery.
Need to complete the by-laws update before we can complete the rules and regulations update.
Last minutes of meetings for comments and points made:
General discussion - Cost of mowing, cleaning of roads, utilities and costs, but no contingency plan to help the cemetery to be self-sufficient – no perpetual fund was given/savings account was given to us for any of this.
We have people willing to donate money once we have non-profit status.
Motion to adjourn at 7:00pm – 2nd, carried and passed.

Contact Moffett Cemetery Inc

PO Box 74, Milton, KY 40045

Contact Moffett Cemetery Inc

PO Box 74, Milton, KY 40045

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