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Moffett Cemetery Owners and Families

There will NOT be a board meeting in June 2024.  Next meeting will be July 10, at 5:30pm at the Milton City Hall 

Moffett Cemetery Inc represents the lot owners and families regarding decisions about the operation and maintenance of the cemetery by virtue of the collaborative and open election held June 24, 2023.

General News and Information about the Cemetery.

We will be using this space to convey updates about what is going on with the cemetery.  

June 2024

The committee working on the renovation of the old gate has someone committed to restoring it and it will be incorporated into the new fence on the left side of the entrance into the cemetery once the renovations are completed.


May 2024

The May Board meeting will be at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, the 8th.

The Zoom link to join is:

 Passcode 144845

You may attend in person at Milton City Hall

April 2024

We are very pleased to announce that we have received approval from the IRS for our federal income tax exemption status! 

Donors can deduct contributions to the cemetery under section 170(c)(5) if those voluntary donations are to be used for care of the cemetery as a whole.  Donors cannot deduct contributions made for the perpetual care of a particular crypt or lot.  Nor can they deduct payments made as part of a purchase price of a burial lot or crypt.  We recommend that donors consult with their tax preparation experts to take advantage of these deductions.

Other big advantages of nonprofit status include tax-exempt status, or more accurately, the exemption from state and federal income tax and other taxes.  Getting certification from the IRS on our 501(c)(13) status will also allow us to benefit from tax-deductible contribution rules, which encourage donations.

Nonprofits may get discounts on many things, including valuable products and services from large companies that want to give back. They can also accept donations from individuals who want to help via fundraising activities, as well as pursue grants from foundations and government agencies. This financial assistance makes it easier to make ends meet and create a positive impact on the operation and continued maintenance of the cemetery.

April 2024

The April Board meeting will be at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, the 10th.

The Zoom link to join is:

You may attend in person at Milton City Hall

​passcode 763290

October 11, 2023

For those that attempted to use Zoom to join the October board meeting tonight we are sorry for the inconvenience.  There was no one at the Milton City Hall building to let us in.  We will check tomorrow to see what the issue is.  We tried to start the Zoom meeting from the parking lot, but were not able to connect to the internet.  The only people present were four of the board members and two other people from the public.  There also appeared to be three people joining by Zoom.  

You may have noticed that we now have an agenda page on the website.  We are also working on other updates to the website.


Attached are the Rules and Regulations for the cemetery. We used examples from several different cemeteries to put this together. You may send your questions to or mail to PO Box 74, Milton, KY 40045. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 


Moffett Cemetery Inc at a Glance

This website is for plot/lot owners and families of those buried at Moffett Cemetery in Milton, Kentucky, and others with an interest in the cemetery.

Contact Moffett Cemetery Inc

PO Box 74, Milton, KY 40045


phone:  812-493-5392

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